My name is Vanja Savva (pronounced Vanya). I have the most wonderful 3 year old trilingual daughter Emma. I spent the first 18 months home with her, breastfeeding, baby food making, semi co-sleeping! And I loved every minute of it!

I started working again when she started kindergarten and decided to start this website. It's aim is to share with the world:
  • all the things that worked for us while she was a baby,
  • her new fun & healthy lunches now that shes a toddler,
  • interesting ways to introduce new foods,
  • healthy recipes,
  • kids' party ideas,
  • crafts we do together,
  • how we handled trilingualism, 
  • work life balance now that I'm working everyday
  • and much more.
So come and join us for the ride. We'd love to have you along!

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