Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Simple Sensory Activties for Babies

Emma is four and a half and Lia is one.  There are only so many things they can do together; and when they do play together its only a matter of minutes before Emma declares that Lia is "ruining everything" and Lia starts snatching anything Emma looks at!

Needless to say, its difficult finding a balance and having them both happy and occupied.

Sensory Play with pompoms

Today I finally made it work.  For about half an hour. Which in baby time is like three hours so I couldn't be happier! 

Sensory activities for babies

I got my trusty box of pompoms! There were all different types, colors and sizes.  Soft ones, hard ones, spiky ones, bumpy ones.  So what did we do with them??
  • Lia loved moving them from one container to the other
  • I named the colors and the sizes for her (That's a small ball, it is red.)
  • I named the feeling (Is it soft?  Yes it is soft!).  She was really intrigued.  
  • She touched them
  • Tasted them
  • I tickled her with them. 
  • She ended up spreading them all over her worktop and finally they finished on the floor.  
I picked them up for her a few times as well and provided some different containers. I love how with kids even the simplest activity can be so entertaining.

She had a great time and it also gave Emma and I an opportunity to make play-doh cookies and cakes together!  Emma came up with most delicious looking creations!

Play doh cookies

On top of it all, we managed to find a derivative activity for Lia! Once all the pompoms were on the floor she got to place the play-doh containers back in their box!  Another activity she loved and couldn't wait for the next available container so that she could put it in its place.  We ended up taking them all out so that she could put them back again.

Baby Shape Matching with play doh

I'm happy with this development, Lia is growing and it gives me hope that things will change soon, the kids will be able to play together harmoniously...... well at least some of the time.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

What's for Bedtime?

We're on holiday, and although all routines have changed this one has remained the same.  We read.  We read books, stories, we even listen to interactive stories on the tablet.  Don't worry I will share the apps we use.  As a matter of fact is a new blog feature What's on your Tablet? so watch this space for some really cool child friendly apps.

So what have we taken with us this holiday?
Surprise, surprise its Julia Donaldson! How could it be anyone else!?  We're away from home, familiarity are what kids crave.

The Snail and the Whale is such an amazing book.  With her usual rhyme Donaldson makes this book such a fun read.  The snail with "an itchy foot" wants to leave the rock he's been stuck on his whole life.  He hitches a ride from a friendly hunchback whale and together they explore the world.  Until the whale gets into trouble by swimming too close to shore and its up to the little, tiny snail to help him.  

The story is wonderful because it teaches, at the very least, that even when we are small we can be of great help.  Its also a story about friendship and curiosity.

I know I owe you a Greek & Serbian book review.  But since we're on holiday, we're slacking a little!

If you have any books to suggest please let us know.  We love to read!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Giveaway - LavenderField Summer Crochet Earrings

I'm really excited to start this new giveaway.  LavenderField is giving away a gorgeous pair of hand made crochet earrings.  

From the very first time I saw this amazing jewelry I was in love! Its hand made, original, incredibly beautiful, prepared with so much care and packed in gorgeous hand made pouches which are a work of art in their own right.  Since then I've bought a few pieces for myself and a few as gifts for others.

You should definitely head over to her lens where you can learn more about how it all started, find many more jewelry ideas and educational links on crochet.

So how does the giveaway work?

You can enter to win by logging in below and clicking the "DO IT" button after you have done some of below actions or all of them.  Each wins you points.
  1. Fans of LavenderField on Facebook get an extra entry, you're welcome to become a fan.
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  3. Follow Emma's Lunch on Twitter
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Once you've done all or some of these tell us about it by collecting your points below (by clicking the DO IT buttons). All entries will be verified.

Some actions can be done daily and some may carry more points than others. The more points you have the more chances to win.  This giveaway ends on September 7th 2012 when we will be announcing the winner selected randomly.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Crafting with Stones

Its summer time, swimming, playing in the sand, collecting stones, looking at fish, travelling, meeting new people, seeing new things, exploring new places. That's what summer is all about.

Its also about siesta, and napping, relaxing and summer crafting.

We're on holiday, so besides the many activities, Emma and I collected various stones from a local beach and came up with a great new craft.

What you'll need:
Card paper
Beach stones

Create a painting, a kind of a stone collage. Take a few stones and arrange them into a shape you like on your card paper. 

It can be anything; a sun, a flower, butterfly, a tree, a boat, a car, anything your child might want to create.  

Before you glue, colour all the stones needed and arrange again into the desired shape.

Then take the glue and glue each stone to its intended location. You'll be left with a gorgeous beach stone collage and your child will love to look at her creation.

For other summer crafts ideas take a look at these links:
More Beach Stone Art
Sand Crafts
Potato Stamping
Pasta Necklaces

I hope you're having a wonderful summer!

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