Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Princess Crown Craft

What girl doesn't want to be a princess? 

I know Emma certainly does!  She is enthralled with princesses, fairies, tiaras and wands.  So when I suggested a princess crown craft, she jumped at the fact.


What you'll need for this fun craft?
Card paper
Glittery stickers
Glitter glue
Coloring pencils

Take the card paper and loosely measure the circumferance of your child's head, cut it to that length and cut about 15cm width.  Cut into the long part of the cardboard to create ridges like on a crown.

Have your child decorate the crown as she pleases.  

Emma used glittery stickers, she glued colorful pompoms and drew butterflies which she decorated with glitter glue. 

She was so happy with herself in the end.  Once the artwork has dried, glue the two edges together and let your little one go off into her imaginary kingdom.

The great thing about this craft is that it can be adapted for both boys and girls.  Choose brown, green or blue cardboard for a boyish crown and have him be the king.

Suplement this craft with a wand craft for a girl or a sword craft for a boy.  Watch this space for those in the near future.

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