Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Giveaway - Suncuddles.com UPF50+ Children's Swim Suit (ends May 31st)

I'm very happy to offer our second giveaway, right here on Emma's Lunch. Suncuddles.com - sun protective gear for children is giving away a children's swim suit UPF50+ to one lucky winner! Just in time for the summer!

When I first came across Suncuddles I was so extremely happy to have found a company which is concerned with my child's sun health as much as I am.  I am quite a bit of a sun freak, to be honest, and have not allowed Emma to roam around the sun unprotected.  Suncuddles was god sent!  I had ordered Emma's first full body swimsuit last year and have already bought this year's swim suits for both girls.

Suncuddles.com provides high quality products that protect babies and children from sun's dangerous UV radiation.  Their product range includes swimwear made with materials of highest protection rating (UPF 50+), sunglasses and accessories for babies and children.  Suncuddles is the exclusive distributor of world known Australian brands Baby Banz and Stingray and UK brand Sunsplash for Cyprus.

So how does it work? 
You can enter to win by logging in below and clicking the "DO IT" button after you have done a minimum of three compulsory actions or all of them - seven in total.  Each wins you points.
  1. Go to Facebook and Like Suncuddles.com
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Once you've done all of these tell us about it by collecting your points below (by clicking the DO IT buttons). All entries will be verified.

Some actions can be done daily and some carry more points than others. The more points you have the more chances to win.  This giveaway ends on May 31st 2012 when we will be announcing the winner selected randomly.
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Good Luck!

Our first giveaway has not ended yet! If you haven't joined already you still have time, check out the Little Kickers 6 weeks free giveaway.

Our next giveaway is from Greek4Kids and it starts on June 1st.
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Neuro-linguistic Programming workshop by LPN

Last week Larnaca Parents Network organized their first workshop.  It was held at Larnaca Municipality's Civil Marriage Office and it was really a perfect venue.  Compact and personal, perfect for discussion with other parents.

Elena Papadopoulos, the speaker, brought up some interesting ideas and reinforced things we already knew but needed to be reminded of.

neuro-linguistic programming

Elena spoke about the power words have on our children, and everyone in general.  Choosing your words carefully can be powerful enough to change your child's behavior for better.

Modeling is another technique to consider.  Children look to us to set an example, and they will do as we do.  If you'd like your child to stop a behavior you should ensure you do not do it yourself. You can't get your child to stop shouting by screaming at them "STOP SHOUTING!".  Act as you would like your kids to act.

Elena also suggested not to talk negatively about the children in front of them because this will only reinforce the negative behavior, but to mention only positive things when they are listening, thereby reinforcing the behavior we would like to see repeated.

Reframing is trying to look at a situation from a different perspective.  So instead getting upset for being cut off while driving consider what situation the other driver might have to deal with.  That way, we keep our frustration down and are less likely to explode in front of our kids.  A really good example of reframing came from a parent of two small children.  She suggested that instead of getting upset for having to always carry the baby, just consider how people who have only one arm live. If they can do everything with just one arm, so can we.

neuro-linguistic programming

What I liked the most about the workshop is parental involvement. There was a lot of discussion, exchanging of ideas, brainstorming.  That is really what stuck with me the most.

Parents talked about the use of the naughty step/time out/skeftoulis (thinking spot - as it is called in our household), they shared fun songs which help them get their children to do things like wash hands or brush teeth, they discussed the ever present phrase "oh he's just shy" and how that just reinforces the shy behavior, they shared their favorite parenting books, I need to get my hands on the The Baby Whisperer, parents also shared ideas on motivating teenagers so it wasn't all baby stuff.

All in all the workshop was a success and I am truly looking forward to the next one.

A big thank you goes out to Sharon Mckinley for being the brains behind the Larnaca Parents Network and for organizing such fun and informative events for us Larnaca parents.

There is a whole site dedicated to Neuro-linguistic programming, go and check it out.


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