Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Gruffalo 4th Birthday Party

What can I tell you about Emma's 4th Birthday Party? It was great! Emma has been going crazy about the Gruffalo, ever since they started reading the book at school over 6 months ago.  So it was just natural to have the Gruffalo theme.

I came up with the text for the Gruffalo party invite which matched the rhyme in the book. Emma loved it so much that she makes me tell it to her each time we finish reading it.  It was personalized to each child that was invited.
Gruffalo Birthday Invitation Wording

There were many activities planned for the day and we started with some free play followed by food! Gruffalo themed, Deep Dark Wood food!  We had Roasted Fox Pieces (aka chicken nuggets), Forrest Stone Potatoes, Scrambled Snake (aka bourgouri), Gruffalo Sticks (aka souvlaki sticks), Deep dark wood sandwiches (tree shaped), Forrest Finds (veggie platter), Roasted Fox Sandwiches (sandwiches with roasted chicken).

Gruffalo Birthday Party Food

Entertainment wise, we had a bouncy castle of course - that's always a must with the kids; but best of all this year we had Little Kickers for Emma's birthday entertainment.  They were such a hit! The kids loved them, from warm up to shooting goals.

Little Kickers Entertainment

The two coaches, Coach Paul and Coach Andy were so good with the kids. They got them involved, they got them running, playing, laughing all together.  I loved that the entertainment was so physical and that all the kids got to enjoy it together.  The parents were also excited about it and quite a few expressed an interest to enroll their kids in the program. Which I can honestly say is great! Emma's been doing the lessons since February and loves them!

Besides the hour long activity, in the end, every child received a medal for participating and a Little Kickers certificate.  Emma got to give the medals to each child and Coach Paul distributed the certificates. Emma as the birthday girl also got a trophy.

Then it was time for cakes! And Gruffalo theme called for Gruffalo Chocolate cake, The Mouse Kasato Cake, Owl Cake Pops and Snake Cupcakes!

Gruffalo Shaped Birthday Party Cake

These came out great! They were so delicious, especially the cake pops which disappeared very quickly. The Gruffalo cake was a big hit! Everyone is a chocolate fan!

The birthday girl loved them and this was the first year she actually wasn't afraid to blow her candles! My little girl is growing up...

cake time

blowing candles

We really had a great time at the party... Emma is still talking about it.  As a party favor all the big kids got a copy of the Gruffalo and Gruffalo's Child DVDs and 2 free weeks of Little Kickers lessons!  I hope people call to use them. :)
Happy birthday to my big little girl.
birthday girl

All opinions in this post are my own, I'm not in any way compensated for them.  We paid in full for the party entertainment and for the 2 free weeks of Little Kickers lessons.

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  1. Great ideas, super party! All the best to Emma!

  2. Love it! Have not read The Gruffalo yet (but there is a copy on its way to us) but am looking forward to introducing it to Leo. The party looks like it was a great success - and you seem to have excelled yourself again with your party planning.

    1. Thank you Emma! We did have a great time :) But most of all my Emma enjoyed herself... I think Leo will get hooked on the Gruffalo! when you read it come back and read the invite again :)

  3. Emma is so cute on the photos. What a party! It looks fun and what a great day for Emma.

  4. Everything looks so beautiful and,decorations and especially invitation card..i just loved it.


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