Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Giveaway: Six free weeks of Little Kickers lessons (ends May 15th)

I'm very happy to introduce a new Giveaway feature on Emma's Lunch!  Our first giveaway is 6 free weeks of Little Kickers Cyprus lessons!

So how does it work? 

You can enter to win by logging in below and clicking the "DO IT" button after you have done a minimum of three compulsory actions or all of them - seven in total.  Each wins you points.
  1. Go to Facebook and Like Little Kickers
  2. Go to Facebook and Like Emma's Lunch
  3. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post with your name, city and the way you like to be contacted.
  4. Subscribe to Emma's Lunch RSS by entering your email in the top right corner of the blog.
  5. Tweet about the post on Twitter make sure you add "via @vanrad" to the tweet
  6. Share on Facebook and tag @Emma's Lunch in the post
  7. Like on Facebook
Once you've done all of these tell us about it by collecting your points below (by clicking the DO IT buttons). All entries will be verified.

Some actions can be done daily and some carry more points than others. The more points you have the more chances to win.  This giveaway ends on May 15th 2012 when we will be announcing the winner selected randomly.

If you participate in this giveaway and do not win, you can still get 1 week free when you register your child for a 6 week course with Little Kickers or 2 weeks free when you register your child for a 12 week course with Little Kickers  by mentioning Emma's Lunch and obtaining a special code.  This offer is valid until June 30th 2012.  If you haven't won after the giveaway ends send an email to emmaslunch@gmail.com to receive your code.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Princess Bento

This princess bento was an absolute hit with Emma! We just received our Lunch Punch sandwich cutters and they are incredible!

princess bento

I can totally say they are as much fun for 20 somethings as they are for 4 year olds.  Emma's aunty Marina came over to play today and got her own special bento!

princess bento

princess bento

Emma went for the pink and princess and Marina got the crown.  Both got a cheese sandwich with yoghurt on the side. Emma also got some carrots while Marina got organic chips.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's for Bedtime?

Its been a busy couple of months and we've slacked on the blogging front.   If you'd like to see what we've been up to take a look at our new site Emma's Lunch Cake Pops or even better our more updated Facebook page.

Although we've slacked on sharing on here, reading with Emma has been a must for us. So here are the books as of late.

We're still very much in love with Julia Donaldson books.  They are such a pleasure to read and Emma's first choice of English books. We've been reading the Smartest Giant in Town.
There is really nothing bad to be said of Donaldson's books.  This book also has the all expected fun rhyme Emma loves so much. Its also a great story about kindness, sharing, selflessness, appreciation and liking who you are :)
So you pretty much can't go wrong on this one.

In Greek we've held on, for much too long, to a really fun book we borrowed from Greek4Kids - The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark or Η Κουκουβάγια που Φοβόταν το Σκοτάδι.  Emma loved it in her class and is also really happy to have it read to her at home.  Its a book full of fun cut outs, pop ups, flaps, windows, and even letters from the Moon!  Its a book about overcoming fears and building confidence. A fun read indeed.

I'm very happy to have received some new books from Serbia.  Emma's granddad sent her a bunch for her birthday.  The books are first grade level with no pictures, so that is a big drawback for her at this age, but one of the books Три се Петла Побише, although the same in appearance, is really great regardless of the lack of pictures.  These are short rhyming poems, tongue twisters etc most of which I know from when I was a kid but had forgotten. I can introduce them to her during play and have her repeat them back to me and learn them herself.  In reality, these are popular folk poems which are shared generation to generation with no one taking real credit for writing them.  But for us, being so far away its perfect! And just what we needed.

If you have any books to suggest to us for review, please leave a comment and let us know.  We love to read!

Happy reading everyone!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Candle Craft (Lambada)

Easter is almost here, and this is the first year that Emma went to church during this period. She's 4 now and is able to appreciate more what is going on around her.  She really enjoyed it. Greek Orthodox celebrations (at least in Cyprus) are very dramatised.  The entire Holy Week is almost a theatrical performance.

My husband is the expert on this but as I understand it, on Thursday, women of the village stayed up all night in church dressing an epitaph (which symbolises Jesus' epitaph).  They diligently cover it with red and white flowers to have it ready for Holy Friday - saddest day in Christianity. On Holy Friday Jesus is dead and buried.  In the evening the epitaph is taken around the entire village mimicking a funeral pocession.   There is even a band walking in front of it playing sad music. The "play" continues on Saturday and Sunday.  This is the most importand holiday in Christianity. 

I am glad that its not as commercialsed as Christmas, although I can see this changing already.

Emma loved all this! When she came back, she was asleep but as I was putting her to bed she was talking about red flowers in her sleep :)

This year, Emma and I created Easter Candles (λαμπάδες).  I'm still contemplating whether she'll get to use them herself this year, beacuse that means being in church up at midnight on Saturday waiting for the light once Jesus has risen.

In any case, it was fun to make them...  Its is actually a really simple craft with so many possibilities!


What you'll need:
An Easter candle or any large candle will do
Glue (white glue won't work, it should be hot glue or UHU the liquid glue)
Thin Wire


Start from the top by rolling a ribbon all around the candle.  Secure it by gluing it to the candle at the bottom.  This picture includes white glue but I found out the hard way that white glue is not really the best to use.

We used the white ribbon to create a decorating base and then we added some of the beads to a thin wire and rolled it around the prepared candle.  We next took some more crafting ribbon to add color to the candle and to secure the beads.  Stick it to the candle using glue.

That is pretty much it, but there are so many other ways to decorate an Easter candle.  You could have ribbons and beads hanging from the candle for a fun effect.  You could have any color you like.  You could have little tiny animals hang off it, even fun pictures your child drew.  Possibilities are endless!

Happy Easter everybody!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Gruffalo 4th Birthday Party

What can I tell you about Emma's 4th Birthday Party? It was great! Emma has been going crazy about the Gruffalo, ever since they started reading the book at school over 6 months ago.  So it was just natural to have the Gruffalo theme.

I came up with the text for the Gruffalo party invite which matched the rhyme in the book. Emma loved it so much that she makes me tell it to her each time we finish reading it.  It was personalized to each child that was invited.
Gruffalo Birthday Invitation Wording

There were many activities planned for the day and we started with some free play followed by food! Gruffalo themed, Deep Dark Wood food!  We had Roasted Fox Pieces (aka chicken nuggets), Forrest Stone Potatoes, Scrambled Snake (aka bourgouri), Gruffalo Sticks (aka souvlaki sticks), Deep dark wood sandwiches (tree shaped), Forrest Finds (veggie platter), Roasted Fox Sandwiches (sandwiches with roasted chicken).

Gruffalo Birthday Party Food

Entertainment wise, we had a bouncy castle of course - that's always a must with the kids; but best of all this year we had Little Kickers for Emma's birthday entertainment.  They were such a hit! The kids loved them, from warm up to shooting goals.

Little Kickers Entertainment

The two coaches, Coach Paul and Coach Andy were so good with the kids. They got them involved, they got them running, playing, laughing all together.  I loved that the entertainment was so physical and that all the kids got to enjoy it together.  The parents were also excited about it and quite a few expressed an interest to enroll their kids in the program. Which I can honestly say is great! Emma's been doing the lessons since February and loves them!

Besides the hour long activity, in the end, every child received a medal for participating and a Little Kickers certificate.  Emma got to give the medals to each child and Coach Paul distributed the certificates. Emma as the birthday girl also got a trophy.

Then it was time for cakes! And Gruffalo theme called for Gruffalo Chocolate cake, The Mouse Kasato Cake, Owl Cake Pops and Snake Cupcakes!

Gruffalo Shaped Birthday Party Cake

These came out great! They were so delicious, especially the cake pops which disappeared very quickly. The Gruffalo cake was a big hit! Everyone is a chocolate fan!

The birthday girl loved them and this was the first year she actually wasn't afraid to blow her candles! My little girl is growing up...

cake time

blowing candles

We really had a great time at the party... Emma is still talking about it.  As a party favor all the big kids got a copy of the Gruffalo and Gruffalo's Child DVDs and 2 free weeks of Little Kickers lessons!  I hope people call to use them. :)
Happy birthday to my big little girl.
birthday girl

All opinions in this post are my own, I'm not in any way compensated for them.  We paid in full for the party entertainment and for the 2 free weeks of Little Kickers lessons.

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