Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mardi Gras Masks Craft for Kids

We've had a lot of fun crafting for Carnival. This Mardi Gras Mask craft is simple and fun and easily doable for any child.

Mardi Grad masks for kids

What you'll need?
Hard paper
Glittery Stickers
Glitter glue
Elastic thread

To make these masks even, draw one side of mask freehand, cut it out until able to softly fold over and trace the other side.

Mardi Grad masks for kids

Once you've cut out the mask, using a pencil indicate where the the eyes should be.  You can measure the exact location for the eyes by placing the mask against the face and marking that way.

Then, let your child get to work.  Allow her to decorate as she pleases.  Sticking the glittery flowers to the masks and further decorating using the glitter glue.

Mardi Grad masks for kids

Once she's done, cut out the holes for the eyes using scissors.

Mardi Grad masks for kids

Make a small hole at each side of the masks, thread through the elastic thread and tie into a knot.  Stick a sticker on top of the knot for safety and enjoy!

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  1. These masks look s fun! Thanks for sharing. Your girl is growing up so fast and beautiful.


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