Thursday, February 16, 2012

Healthy Butterfly Lunchbox

Emma and I have been preparing for preschool.  How you may ask? Working on letters?  Numbers? No..... Lunchboxes!

Once they move away from the cushy kindergarten that provides all meals and snacks for the kids, it can be quite daunting thinking about having to pack a lunch on a daily basis.  You may also want to make it somewhat fun and interesting, to mix it up a little instead of just packing the old sandwich.

School healthy butterfly Lunchbox

Here we've got a cheese sandwich, I cut off the crusts and then I used a butterfly cutter to cut a butterfly shape within the sandwich.  I placed another slice of cheese in the shape of a butterfly on top.  I packed two silicone muffin cups, one with lentils and one with yoghurt.  And that's it! You're done! When sending this to school you could place a piece of foil paper on top of lentils and yoghurt to prevent spillage.  Once they can read a loving note makes a nice touch.

Emma loved it and although the lentils weren't the same as they make them at school she had a few bites.  I will have to keep reintroducing it to her. 

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