Sunday, January 15, 2012

Make a Rainbow at Home - Science Experiment

Emma loves rainbows, she still remembers the time I rushed her out of the house in the rain because the sun was out and I was sure a rainbow was around. And I was right! There was a huge rainbow above the park in our neighborhood.

Every time it rains she tells me we'll find a rainbow if the sun comes out.  Well now she's old enough to know why!  So this is the next one in our series of science experiments.

rainbow at home

What you'll need
A glass with water
A sheet of paper
A sunny day

Take a glass with water and hold it up near a sunny window.  Let the sunlight pass through the glass, effectively using the glass as a prism to make a small rainbow on your piece of paper.  You should see red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, the colors of a rainbow. 

rainbow at home

I told Emma, we get rainbows when light passes through water, and when it rains sunlight passes to thousands of drops of rain and that makes the beautiful rainbows in the sky.  I didn't go into prisms with her... maybe when she's older.

We were actually lucky that it was a cloudy day. We saw the rainbow appear and disappear as the sun moved behind the clouds!

Happy learning!

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