Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa Advent Calendar

I was planning to create an elaborate advent calendar for Emma, full with sewn felt pockets and embroidered numbers but then I woke up and realized I've got a preschooler and an infant.... This will be a project for next year.

Emma was home today recovering from a cold and we decided to do something fun.  In bed! Luckily a few days ago I came across a great idea on Pinterest for a fun, simpler version of an advent calendar, something Emma would like much, much more.  We totally made it our own and I think I like the outcome quite a bit more :)

Santa Advent Calendar

What you'll need?
Black board paper
Red felt
White felt
Peach foam (paper or felt will do)
Large goggly eyes
Large white pompom
Medium red pompom
Number circles click for a printable (best results if printed on thick white paper)
Countdown poem click for a printable (best results if printed on thick red paper)
25 white pompoms or cotton balls

Cut Santa's hat out of red felt do the same for the mustache and hat trim. Cut out half face out of peach felt.

Santa Advent Calendar

Glue first the hat to the black paper, then the face, hat trim and finally the mustache. Next glue the goggly eyes, red pompom for the nose and the white pompom for the hat.

Print the date circles, cut them out and arrange for a beard. Print the countdown poem and glue to the bottom of the black paper.
Santa's beard is very bare.
On his chin, there is no hair.
So each day add one puff of white.
And when they're all on, 
He'll come that night!

All that's left to do is add a white pompom or a cotton ball as the days near Christmas.

And here is my little patient & helper, the reason all these things get done :)

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  1. Wow! This makes a great advent calendar! Awesome idea! Very cute felt Santa! :)

    Do you use glue to attach the pompom for each day?

  2. He is cute! Especially when looking at you during breakfast! :P

    I was trying to think of the best way to attach pompoms or cotton balls without using glue so that you can reuse the calendar next year, but I came up blank...

    I guess its an excuse to do a new craft next year :D


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