Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Infant Handprint Angel Ornament

We've been making a lot of things this month, every year we create Christmas ornaments and cards for all Emma's aunts & uncles and grandparents.

This year is no different, although this year Lia is with us and we want to include her as well.   I love handprint crafts because believe there is no better gift for family.  It captures that particular moment in time.

christmas angel

What you'll need?
White card paper
Small styrophoam ball
White ribbon
White pipecleaner
Silver glitter
Blue paint
White paint
Small plate or compass

Make light blue color by mixing blue and white and take your baby's handprints. Once dry cut them out.

Use a plate or a compass to draw a half circle on the white card paper.  Cut it out and roll it into a cone.  Glue to keep the shape.  Next loop a ribbon, tie it with a knot and pull it through the hole on the top of the cone.  Drop some glue in the center so that the ribbon stays put.

Next take a Styrofoam ball and make a hole through the middle.  One side should show just the simple little hole and the other side should have more of a wide opening (see below pic).  The wide opening is the part which should be stuck onto the cone.
christmas angel

christmas angel

Once that's done apply glue to the body of the angel and have your older child sprinkle the silver glitter all over it.  When dry thread the ribbon through the head and attach it to the body, glue two wings on the back of the angel and cover the angel's head with glue.  Sprinkle it with silver glitter.
christmas angel

Create a loop with the white pipe cleaner and glue it to the back of the head to make a halo.  And that's all.  A gorgeously simple handprint angel ornament keepsake.

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  1. This is adorable! The perfect gift for the family indeed!

  2. Thank you! Its the result of our brainstorming! :)


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