Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Tree Craft

Here's another fun fall craft. This one's especially good because its free standing. 

fall tree craft

What you'll need:
Toilet paper roll (finally found another use for them! we've used them for painting in the past)
Crepe paper (Red, Orange and Yellow)

Cut a circle out of the cardboard and then cut two lines at the bottom of the circle.  They should be the same distance as the diameter of the toilet paper roll. 

Tear pieces of crepe paper and make small balls out of them. This is a lot of fun and Emma loved doing it.  Next glue them haphazardly to the cardboard.

fall tree craft

Once that's done, push the toilet paper roll through the tree top, at the location where you cut the cardboard to make your free standing tree! If you'd like you could even paint the TP roll brown, especially if the roll you got is white or another color.  That will add more activities to the craft and more fun!

fall tree craft

Can you tell Emma had a lot of fun with this tree?

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