Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby Massage

Life is very different with two kids. You need to split your time and double your energy.  I think the hardest is the realization that you just can't do the same things you did with your first one.  There is some consolation in the fact that the second child gets to have a relationship with her sister from the very first day but still you as a mom can't but feel guilty.

This is one of the main reasons I signed up for Baby Massage classes with Lia, as a way to have some structured time together to bond. 

Tina Poetis Baby Massage

Now this is not something I usually do on this blog but we've had such a wonderful experience and I'd like to share it with you.

We attended a 5 week program with Tina Poetis and had a lovely time,  it really was a great way to bond with Lia and it gave us a chance to socialize with a small group of other mothers and babies. We were three in total.  Tina showed us all aspects of baby massage, from how to apply pressure to how to do the colon massage which greatly reduces colic and helps move things along with constipated or gassy babies.  We covered every inch of their bodies, from head to toe and stimulated their development.  Tina would demonstrate all the movements on a doll and we'd follow on our own babies. Lia would instantly relax.

Tina Poetis Baby Massage

What I loved about the sessions was that Tina wasn't only there to show us how to massage, she showed us how to calm our babies when they got fussy, she applied baby gymnastics and shared other techniques beneficial to them.  She told us what certain positions and movements did for their development.

I can honestly say that we came out much better equipped to handle and soothe our babies.  Lia especially loved the sessions; she would be much calmer, she'd be so tired after the hour long session that she'd sleep much longer afterwards.  

Tina Poetis Baby Massage

I especially loved learning about the colon massage.  At one point Lia was going a week without a bowel movement, which is not unusual with breastfed babies, but it was worrying me nonetheless.  Every time after our massage session Lia would finally have one!

I loved having that contact with Lia and it helped us get into a routine at home, something that came so easily with Emma. I guess when Emma was an infant, there was no demanding 3 year old around to ask for attention.  Lia and I still do the massage at least 4 times a week and I also do the massage with Emma after every bath. If she's not too tired! 

There are so many benefits of baby massage, for more information see this article.

Baby Massage

Tina is a registered physiotherapist and offers a variety of different services for pregnancy and babies.  Besides baby massage, she does antenatal classes, postnatal exercises some of which she also showed us during the baby massage lessons.  She also does physiotherapy for orthopedic issues, sports injuries, and diseases of the nervous system.

I couldn't recommend doing baby massage lessons enough! And if you do want to do them, Tina is your girl!  You can reach her by telephone on 99 304 660, she's located in Larnaca in Academia Center (above Viale) on the 3rd floor.

Happy bonding!

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  1. Lovely post. I did baby massage with my daughter and she is now 16 months and will still lie still for a lovely long massage after her bath most nights! :) It's a beautiful connection isn't it! x


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