Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hand Print Birdie Craft with an Infant

I must share this new craft we did yesterday.  Its the very first craft I did with Lia! She's only 2.5 months old and this craft becomes a wonderful keepsake.

Lia and I have started going to the Baby Antidote (mommy & baby group) organized by the Antidote Theatre. This group is great because they not only provide wonderful playtime, songs and crafts but they also put on an actual, educational, theatrical play for the kids.  I love it and I'm looking forward to going again with both Emma & Lia. 

This is a craft we actually did at Baby Antidote. 


What you'll need:

A colored piece of paper
Stick or straw

How to do it?

  • Trace your child's hand
  • Cut out two handprints 
  • Glue the thumbs together (one on top of another)
  • Draw a face on the thumb
  • Glue the stick to the back of the paper

That's it, you're left with a fun birdie to play with!

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  1. Even though seeing so early activity might look as a surprise for many, I just want to express and share my comments how big and wonderful your thoughts, your feelings and your love are ... it's so great seeing these small birdie hands. Also it's very good for Emma too, being 'experienced' in craft already she will like her 'sister's participation' in art! :)

    Well done Emma's & Lia's Mom!!!


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