Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ghost Lanterns Craft

This is a great way to decorate the entrance to your house! This craft is a little bit more difficult to do, but you can still get your kids to help you!  We did this for last year's Halloween, but I never posted a tutorial for it.  So here we go...


What you'll need:
An old white T-shirt
White Glue
Black marker
Wide glass or cup

Take an old T-shirt and cut it up into long strips.  Blow up a balloon, and place it on a wide cup or glass.  This will hold the balloon in place while you arrange strips of T-shirt on the balloon, making sure it covers everything and there are no holes.


Mix white glue with water in a large container, and using a brush apply it to the T-shirt.  Keep applying until the entire T-shirt is covered and soaked through.  Allow to dry over night.  Once dry, pop the balloon removing it slowly making sure the T-shirt stays the correct shape.

Using a black permanent marker, draw two eyes on your ghost.  Place in front of your house with a battery operated tea light underneath.


And enjoy!


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