Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cloud in a Vase Science Experiment

I decided to start doing some science experiments with Emma.Today we made a cloud.

making a cloud

What you'll need:
A thick glass vase
Hot water
Metal tray
Ice cubes

Pour hot water into the vase cover it with the metal tray and place ice cubes on the tray, right above the vase opening.

A little cloud will form very quickly and just as quickly it will disappear.  I only managed to take a picture it as it was already disappearing.  I'll try to do this experiment again, and be ready to capture the cloud on camera.  

Emma had said that its not the same as the cloud in the sky.  So I told her that it was different because it has been captured. :) She was happy with that answer, but then she demanded we release it.

cloud in a vase

The clouds are formed when sun warms the lakes and rivers and seas, the water evaporates and rises high into the sky.  When it is met with cold air in the atmosphere, this warm air starts turning into little tiny drops.   This is when clouds are formed.  

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