Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer Theme - Vocabulary Development

This is the third and final part of the summer theme educational printables, as promised, with a bit of delay due to a very busy summer. This part concentrates on vocabulary development and word recognition.  Part 1 is all about the letter A, Part 2 is about Numbers, Shapes and Colors.    

summer theme

We will be continuing with other educational printables and learning materials in the future.  Ideally this will be a weekly feature.  For now click on the below picture for Part 3 in English, a 6 page PDF file.

summer theme

Click on below picture for Part 3 in Serbian

summer theme

Part three contains exercises which will help with word recognition and vocabulary development.  Here Emma is looking for words in a short and simple passage about the summer.  Images above each word help her associate them with the words written. The idea is to learn that the three letters "SEA" actually means something.

summer themesummer theme

Some of the words happened to be one letter words in Serbian, for example the word "u" means "in", so what Emma would do is circle the letter u wherever she saw it in the text, even if it was a part of another word.

We further worked on word recognition by playing with the flash cards, Emma matched the pictures with the words. Later she was able to circle the correct first letter of each word. 
summer theme

This was a fun, educational activity.  Emma had actually asked to do some of the activities again.  I hope you find it as interesting and educational as we did.

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