Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beaded Mobile Craft

Now that Emma has a sister, we decided to create something just for her. What better thing to create than a colorful mobile for her crib or stroller.

beaded mobile

We came across this craft in a craft book we always look through at Emma’s favorite place…the bookshop!

What you’ll need:

Colorful plastic beads (we bought a bunch at Jumbo)
Ribbon or even better yarn (7 pieces of 60cm each)
Plastic top (we used the plastic lid from Baking Powder)

Thread one bead; grab the edges of the ribbon so that the bead hangs in the middle. The remaining beads should be beaded onto both edges of the thread. That way, each hanging beaded thread is about 30cm long. This prevents you from needing to make a knot at the bottom of each string of beads. Bead only 6 of the threads and save one.

beaded mobile

Once you’ve done that, punch 6 holes around the edge of the plastic top you will use, and make one hole in the middle.

Pull a beaded ribbon through each of the holes on the plastic top and tie knots to keep in place. Take the free ribbon and pull it through the hole in the middle but from the opposite side, so that it can be used for hanging. Tie a knot at the bottom and you’re done!

beaded mobile

Emma’s sister Lia loves this craft. She is mesmerized by the colorful beads and already tries to reach up to catch them. Emma of course is proud of her work and so happy that she created a toy for her baby sister.

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  1. This is lovely! Well done Emma! You are a great big sister! :)

  2. How cute is that! Very neat idea and a fun thing for big sister to do! :) Thanks for linking up for our Alexa Hop! Would love it if you came back and left me a comment under the Hop (unless you left it under a different post…I try to keep track but sometimes miss them.) :) Have a great week! http://slopswap.com/2011/09/15/alexa-hop-follow-me-friday-916-922/

  3. Thank you! Emma loved doing it, and is really proud to point it out to everyone :)

    @ Dawn, I did leave a comment, now I don't remember where, I'll come back and check :)


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