Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ceiling Decoration Craft

I came across this idea while shopping for a Rapunzel book with Emma.  We saw something similar hanging in the children's section and when Emma said she wanted to make it, well here we are :)

ceiling decoration

What you'll need
Hard paper
Crepe paper
Round plate

Use the plate to make a circle on the hard paper, then draw a spiral inside it.

ceiling decoration

Depending on the age of your child let them cut along the spiral line or do it yourself.  Take the crepe paper and cut out thin strips and let your child stick them to the spiral using stickers.  One sticker for each paper strip.

ceiling decoration

Let your child decorate it as she likes.  Emma wanted to add more stickers between the paper strips.  Once its decorated create a hole in the center and thread through the ribbon to make a loop. 

ceiling decoration

Tie a knot at the end of the ribbon and your ceiling decoration is now ready to be hanged! :)  If you place it near an open window or close to a fan or an airconditioner it spins and the crepe paper moves in the breeze.

ceiling decoration

As a variation you could make themed celing decorations, use themed stickers and paper colors. For a Spiderman birthday party, for example, use black and red paper and Spiderman stickers.

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  1. I used to make twisty's like these and hang them off of the side of my little one's best double jogging stroller - she loved it! - I had one on each side.


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