Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Theme - Learning the Letter A

Following on with our summer learning theme, here are some pictures of how we've used the printables and Emma practicing the letter A.  We are working on the printables from the Summer Theme Part 1, which was all about the letter A.  

We practiced some hand - eye coordination by tracing wiggly lines, this exercise also helps her get familiarised with some writing shapes.

tracing wiggly lines

We've made the letter A out of Playdoh, we colored it, we stuck mosaic pieces into the Playdoh.

making latter A out of playdohmaking latter A out of playdoh

We made the letter A out of sticks found in a park, stones or seashells from a beach, spaghetti.  We made it from mosaic squares. 

making latter A out of sticks

 We've learned to recognize it, we've colored it and cut it out with scissors.  We circled letter A we found in words. We colored pictures starting with letter A.  We've written the letter A! 

writing the letter A

Now we're moving on with other summer themed activities.  All to do with numbers, shapes and colors! Part 2 is comming tomorrow.  All the parts touch upon the Part 3 with vocabulary development.  There are many summer items to name, count, look for letters.  A great deal of talk about sea shells, the sea, starfish etc.

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  1. This is cool. Your little girl seems to be enjoying the learning :) I can't wait till I can do similar activities with my little one. I'm sure to keep this activity in mind!

    Spanish Pinay

  2. New follower - just wanted to stop by & say hello & invite you to the Lucky Wednesday Blog Hop. Hope you can stop by & link up. :)


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