Friday, July 15, 2011

Mirror Image Crafts

Emma and I did a lot of painting yesterday, we painted until the moment she said ok we'll paint again tomorrow! And that happens very rarely with Emma.

We do a lot of painting in general but I wanted to introduce her to some new discoveries...  The mirror image surprise.

What you'll need:
Paper (any color)
Paints (any color)

Its such a simple thing to do and so much fun for the little ones because you never know what you will get and what shape will come out.

painting with kids

painting with kids

Let your child drip paint on the paper, in any haphazard way they like.  You could make it more artistic by using black paper and just two colors for example.

painting with kids

Then fold the paper in half and ensure that you smooth over all the areas of the page so that the paint is fully transferred.

painting with kids mirror image

painting with kids mirror image

Then gently open the page and wait for that surprise.  What did you get? Is it a strange face like the one above or a majestic butterfly like the one below?

painting with kids mirror image

Its a great activity and there are so many things you can follow up with.  We talked about what it looks like and why.  How the colors blend together and how come they don't really mix and what happens when they do mix.

This lead to a whole other conversation and activity where we used our prime colors (red, yellow & blue) to make other colors.  We made green from yellow and blue, purple from red and blue, and pink from red and white.

It was really a great deal of fun, and I'm sure Emma will want to paint again today.

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