Friday, July 22, 2011

Welcome to the World Lia Savva!

I am so happy to announce that the new member of our family joined us on July 16 at 1.25pm, two days past her due date.

Lia arrived to an eagerly awaiting family weighing 3.6kg, 52cm long. She's been sleeping and eating ever since! When awake and not nursing, she's been showered by kisses by her older sister, who's been very helpful with bathing, changing and entertaining of our new addition.









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Friday, July 15, 2011

Mirror Image Crafts

Emma and I did a lot of painting yesterday, we painted until the moment she said ok we'll paint again tomorrow! And that happens very rarely with Emma.

We do a lot of painting in general but I wanted to introduce her to some new discoveries...  The mirror image surprise.

What you'll need:
Paper (any color)
Paints (any color)

Its such a simple thing to do and so much fun for the little ones because you never know what you will get and what shape will come out.

painting with kids

painting with kids

Let your child drip paint on the paper, in any haphazard way they like.  You could make it more artistic by using black paper and just two colors for example.

painting with kids

Then fold the paper in half and ensure that you smooth over all the areas of the page so that the paint is fully transferred.

painting with kids mirror image

painting with kids mirror image

Then gently open the page and wait for that surprise.  What did you get? Is it a strange face like the one above or a majestic butterfly like the one below?

painting with kids mirror image

Its a great activity and there are so many things you can follow up with.  We talked about what it looks like and why.  How the colors blend together and how come they don't really mix and what happens when they do mix.

This lead to a whole other conversation and activity where we used our prime colors (red, yellow & blue) to make other colors.  We made green from yellow and blue, purple from red and blue, and pink from red and white.

It was really a great deal of fun, and I'm sure Emma will want to paint again today.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Theme - Numbers, Colors & Shapes

Following on our summer theme, here is Part 2 which concentrates on numbers, colors and shapes.

counting for kids

In Part 1, we learned the letter A and I also posted about how we used the Part 1 printables.  Part 2 is a lot of fun since it builds on the summer theme and we follow further with Summer vocabulary development while mastering numbers, colours and shapes.  There is also a lot of concentration on number, color and shapes word recognition.

As you already know Emma is trilingual, so here are the printables for English and Serbian.  Greek we're leaving for school :)  The way we've been dealing with trilingualism is to keep the three languages very strictly separated.  So I only speak to her in Serbian, my husband and everyone else in Cyprus speaks to her in Greek and she goes to an English school.  We've found that this has worked very well for us and she speaks all three languages fluently without mixing.  There are only very rare instances where she may be speaking in one language and use a word for which she doesn't know the equivalent in another language.  In which case, we tell her the word she's seeking.  If she happens to say the word that we know she knows in all languages, we ask her to say it in the correct language before we continue the conversation.

So with no further ado, click on the picture below for the Part 2 in English, a 9 page PDF file. 

summer printables

Click on the picture below for the Part 2 in Serbian, a 9 page PDF file.

Emma and I sat outside, for as long as the heat would allow, and did some of these exercises.  We had a great time and Emma really enjoyed herself.

counting up to 5

Emma connected all the right numbers with the object groups.  She did it and she told me all the numbers in all three languages. So that was a real success, although this activity is not really challenging her much.

counting until 10

Here we went up to 10.  Emma had to circle the correct number of items.  In addition to recognising numbers, we aslo read them out as they were written.  We looked for the letter A in all the numbers and paid special attention to the written numbers.   This also turned out to be quite easy for Emma.  She circled all the correct numbers without any help whatsoever.  We said the numbers in all the languages and I concentrated instead on the writing of the words.  We mentioned some other letters besides A and spoke about all the Summer related items we counted.

couting to 15counting to 15

We moved on to the next activity where we counted the starfish in the sea and on the beach up to 15.  Emma had to choose the right number and place it in the box.  Another way to do this is to first put a number in the box and have your child add the correct number of starfish.

color by numbers

Next was color by numbers.  Emma loved this! And she got all the numbers & colors right.  Here we also exercised word recognition for colors.

color by numberscolor by numbers

There are a few more pages in this printable, check it out for yourself.  Teach your child more colors and shapes! :)

Part 3 to follow with more vocabulary development and word recognition.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Theme - Learning the Letter A

Following on with our summer learning theme, here are some pictures of how we've used the printables and Emma practicing the letter A.  We are working on the printables from the Summer Theme Part 1, which was all about the letter A.  

We practiced some hand - eye coordination by tracing wiggly lines, this exercise also helps her get familiarised with some writing shapes.

tracing wiggly lines

We've made the letter A out of Playdoh, we colored it, we stuck mosaic pieces into the Playdoh.

making latter A out of playdohmaking latter A out of playdoh

We made the letter A out of sticks found in a park, stones or seashells from a beach, spaghetti.  We made it from mosaic squares. 

making latter A out of sticks

 We've learned to recognize it, we've colored it and cut it out with scissors.  We circled letter A we found in words. We colored pictures starting with letter A.  We've written the letter A! 

writing the letter A

Now we're moving on with other summer themed activities.  All to do with numbers, shapes and colors! Part 2 is comming tomorrow.  All the parts touch upon the Part 3 with vocabulary development.  There are many summer items to name, count, look for letters.  A great deal of talk about sea shells, the sea, starfish etc.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday - Stars & Stripes

Happy 4th of July to everyone! Although its been a long time since I've joined the celebrations, being in Cyprus and all...

Here is our muffin tin.  Its a regular tin, for Emma to enjoy with one muffin hole dedicated to Red, White & Blue and Stars & Stripes.

What's in the tin?

Top Row: Bunny Rice, Chicken pieces, Bunny Rice
Bottom Row: Yoghurt, Stripes of raddish and stars of cheese, Croissant slices.

Emma loved it, esp the stars and stripes section! :)

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