Monday, May 16, 2011

Lunch in a Muffin Tin (not just for snacks)

I love muffin tins! Its such a great way to serve food to kids.  I've been slacking a little on my Muffin Tin meals lately, but when one day I had prepared a whole meal of roasted chicken with potatoes and Emma insisted on pasta with cheese, I knew it was time to bring out the trusty tin again! 

These tins are so great that you don't just have to serve fun looking snacks in them.  You could easily serve up a healthy lunch, without fuss or too much work and it will still be different from your usual presentation.

muffin tin meal

So what's in the tin? 
Top row: yogurt, roasted potatoes, cucumber wedgies
Bottom row: roasted chicken, roasted potatoes, and roasted chicken again.

I've learned to say no to Emma and really mean it when it comes to food. I do not prepare something else for her if she refuses to eat what is served.  She has learned that "if I don't eat I'll be hungry until the next meal".

Its working great so far, she's been really eating everything we offer and if she doesn't I don't give her something else.  Now this is either due to my new found strength to see her go hungry if necessary, or maybe she's just going through a growth spurt and it has nothing to do with me!

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  1. JDaniel get stuck with what we are having too. The roasted potatoes look yummy!

  2. I love the giraffe picks!! so cute :)

  3. Good job on being firm. I struggle with that with my picky son because I was picky too. It will benefit you in the long run not to be a short order cook. Nice meal!

  4. Yum, I would totally eat Emma's lunch if she doesn't want it! :o) I also believe in the "if you don't eat it that's not my problem" approach - good for you. Thank god my daughter seems to be less and less of a picky eater these days! We still have our moments, but she's so much better now!

  5. we have 6 kids, it's what I make or nothing lol. my youngest boy is stubborn so sometimes, he doesn't eat. I don't give in.

  6. Those potatoes are making me hungry. I don't serve an alternative or second meal either. They eat what they are served or they can eat at the next meal. I can't be a short order cook.

  7. I love this idea. I need to try it soon. I run a daycare at home, so this will be fun. Need to get more muffin tins, though!

    I'd love it if you'd add me to your blogroll! I'd be happy to do the same!

  8. I have been honored with an award, and now it's your turn to be honored. Please visit to accept your award. :)

  9. Emma's Lunch: I have given you The Versatile Blogger Award because I love your blog! Please visit my blog to pick it up!

  10. I am soooo going to try it with my grands as well:) It's soooo hard to not give in to them...especially my 2 yr old little granddaughter who has the face of an angel but is a picky picky eater!! Hope all is well there!! I also shared this blog on my Facebook!!

  11. Love this idea! I gotta try it with Kiddo.


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