Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring is in the Air

So its spring time; and with springtime comes Easter, warm weather, flowers, butterflies, bunnies, egg hunts & flowery tiaras! I absolutely love it.  Its the perfect weather, the days get longer, its not too hot.
In honour of this I am planning a whole bunch of activities with Emma not including our annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Here are some of the crafts we will be doing over the next few weeks.  I may start out with Easter crafts since its just around the corner and continue with more spring crafts later.

This is what we have in store:
  • Paper flowers
  • Salt dough butterflies, flowers etc
  • Easter Chickens
  • Easter Egg Bunny
  • Button Cards
FOOD (to do with Emma)
  • Butterfly Biscuits
  • Easter Nests (edible)
  • Easter Biscuits
Not sure if I'm being too ambitious here, but one thing's for certain.  You will see at least a few of these crafts grace the pages of this blog. Very very soon.

Happy Spring & check back soon for some craft ideas and tutorials! :) 

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  1. Very cool blog!

    I just found your blog through one of the Wednesday blog hops. Have a great week!!

    Amanda @

  2. Thanks for joining GFJC! I'm GFC following

  3. Such a cute blog!
    Happy to find you on Wandering Wednesdays ...
    I have a 2 1/2 year old little girl, so i look forward sharing in the fun on your blog!

  4. So cute!!


  5. Cute and fun!
    Here with Fab Friends!

  6. Awww....she's so sweet :)

    My youngest daughter will be 3 in July...and I am just loving her age right now. Enjoying her so much.

    I saw your link on the Having Fun Blog Hop -- I'm your newest follower :)



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