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Fairy Birthday Cake - Kasato Recipe

This cake was the center piece cake at Emma's Fairy Birthday Party.  The cake mixture is easy to make and can be molded into any shape.  Which is basically why I chose it for the Fairy's dress.

Fairy shaped birthday cake with doll
It is a very popular recipe in the Balkans and there are many different versions of the recipe.  There is no baking required and it has been one of my favorite cakes since I was very, very little.

What you'll need for the fairy cake:
A Barbie or Bratz doll or half a doll
Foil paper
Glitter glue
A large butterfly with wings big enough to make sense on the fairy
Pink ribbon
Glue or wire

Cake mixture
4 eggs
500g Morning Coffee biscuit (ground)
250g butter
200g icing sugar
200g walnuts (ground, or half ground and half chopped)
200g raisins
200g fruit gels
100g dark chocolate
4tbs sugar
2 bags of vanilin sugar
500ml of milk

300g White Chocolate
2 drops red food colouring
Edible glitter

Instructions for the doll:

Doll to use in Fairy Cake

I used a doll with legs.  My daughter's doll. The one she calls Anna to be exact.  I took off all her clothes and made a shiny glittery top using dark pink glitter glue and let it dry for a day or two.

Wings for doll to use in Fairy Cake 

Next prepare the wings.  Remove the butterfly body and attach the wings by gluing them to the back of the doll or attaching them to the shoulders with a wire.  

Doll with wings to use in Fairy Cake 

I used a wire by threading it through the wings and around the shoulders (mainly because I couldn't find my glue gun but also to keep the doll for Emma). Keep the ribbon for the belt.

Instructions for cake mixture:
Over steam mix 4 egg yolks, 4 tbs of sugar and vanilin sugar.  Separately mix butter with icing sugar.  When cooled add the egg mixture to the butter mixture and combine until you reach a foamy consistency.

Cover ground bisquits with cold milk add chopped raisins, walnuts, finely chopped fruit gels and melted chocolate.  Once well mixed combine with the egg and butter mixture.
Leave in the fridge until you are ready to mold the cake.

Kasato Cake mixture

Instructions for making the Fairy: 
Wrap the doll up to the waste with foil paper.  Hold the doll in the center of the tray while molding the cake mixture around it. You may need an extra pair of hands for this, someone to help you hold the doll.  You should wet your hands when doing the final shaping of the cake.  It will help you smooth the surface.  Place the entire fairy in the fridge until you make the glaze.

Fairy Cake before glaze in fridge

Instructions for glazing the dress:
Melt the white chocolate on low heat. Add a couple of drops of red food colouring until you get the colour you like.  I went for light pink.  If you have a keep warm setting on your stove use it to keep the chocolate soft, otherwise leave it on very low heat.  Remove the fairy from the fridge and start covering the dress, section by section, with chocolate.  If you wish to add glitter you must add it immediately, section by section, or the chocolate will harden and it won't stick.

This is it.  The finished cake. It is gorgeous, delicious and really easy to use for any shape, for boys or girls. 

Fairy CakeFairy CakeFairy Cake

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  1. Ooh looks yummy!! It's so pretty and girly. :)

    Your daughter looks beautiful! That cake suits her! :D

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  2. Looks Great. What a fun idea for a birthday cake centerpiece. Your daughter must have loved it!

  3. What a great job you did on that cake.... so cute!!

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  4. So sweet. My Mother made me a doll cake when I was 13. I'll never forget it. Thank you for stopping by Katherines Corner. Hugs!

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  6. This looks so fun! My little one is very into Tinkerbell these days so this would be a perfect thing for us to make!

  7. That's fabulous, any little girl's dream cake.

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  8. Beautiful! Gotta love Barbie cakes and the Fairy addition is awesome! I know it was a hit!

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  9. What a beautiful cake. I know my daughter would love a cake like that. I just might try and make one. Thanks for the idea! Yo did an awesome job! I love the little things we can do for our little ones. :)

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  11. I never would have pictured making a cake like that! I've seen princess cakes and figured that the cake was cut to that shape or something. At any rate, I've never tried it myself.

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  19. That turned out beautiful! I'm bookmarking this in case Princess Nagger would be interested in a fairy cake! Love it! :)

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  20. This is so beautiful!! Emma must have loved it! :)

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  22. That is so super awesome :) ...if only I had a girl!

  23. Wow, definately inspired for future birthdays now! Thanks for the detailed descriptions, although can guarantee mine will fall over!

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