Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt - Food & Activities

I love parties.  I love organizing them, planning them, throwing them!  So adding the Easter Egg Hunt to our party list didn't need much convincing.

Ever since Emma was born, the Easter Egg Hunt has become a tradition in our household .  We gather on Easter Monday, invite a whole bunch of friends with kids, have traditional Croatian Easter brunch and we hunt for eggs!  

Easter Sunday is usually a family day for everyone, that's why we love to hunt Easter eggs on a day when everyone is usually free of other obligations. This year our Easter Egg Hunt had to be scaled back a little bit because we had a family wedding to go to on that day.  Despite it all I was determined to provide a great hunt for Emma.  So with a lot of planning and preparation we pulled it of for Emma, a couple of friends and their mini siblings.

Easter Egg Hunt Baskets

How did the day progress?  Our friends arrived for brunch.  At Easter time it is a Croatian tradition (passed to me by my mom) to serve boiled ham, naturally colored boiled eggs, horse radish, lots of young, fresh veggies and in our household colorful cheese balls.  We eat these things for Easter Sunday and for as long as stocks last after that! :)

Appetiser Cheese Balls
Cheese balls "colored with" coconut flakes, chives, paprika and sesame. It's a mix of four to six different cheeses and it comes out delicious! A recipe soon to follow and we usually only serve this for the Egg Hunt brunch.

Easter Boiled Ham
Boiled Ham (I only remembered to take a photo after people already started digging in).  I'll post a recipe for this as well, although its pretty easy.

Easter Egg Hunt Brunch Buffet
This is what the buffet looked like after it was already opened for brunch.  Cheese balls, ham, veggies, roasted nuts & seeds (pine nuts, sunflower seeds etc) & dips.

Easter Egg Hunt Brunch
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and soon after it was time to check if Easter bunny had arrived.  This, of course, is the highlight of their day.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Full Baskets

Once the hunt was completed, we checked if everyone had a red egg (just an arbitrary egg color - make sure all have it) so that they can win a small gift from Easter Bunny.  Easter Bunny is small and he only brings small gifts, as compared to Santa. :)

Easter Egg Hunt Favors

Everyone got a homemade Easter goody bag with a little bucket, some earth, flower seeds, and Easter themed coloring page, bubbles, stickers and a small chocolate wrapped in Easter themed paper to match the bag header.  I found these cute Easter printables at Anything but Perfect.

Easter Egg Hunt Favors

The kids were to plant their seeds and wait and see what will come out if they take care of it.  It was a lot of fun, bubbles and activities.  So much so that the kids didn't really eat any chocolate.  That was really the idea since with her lactose intollerance, Emma's not allowed any. 

Easter Egg Hunt Activities
 All the kids busy planting and watering their pots.

If all this wasn't enough to keep their minds of chocolate, we even had a real bunny for kids to pet and feed! They loved him!  They'd bring him grass and flowers, despite the fact that he was already on the grass! They stroked him and played with him.  I think its a great educational activity.  Touching the animals, seeing what they do, watching them eat and drink although still I can't help but feel sorry for the poor bunny.  Its worth mentioning that no animals were hurt during this event! :)

Easter Egg Hunt Bunny

We love our Easter egg hunt parties.  The kids enjoy them and it is a great opportunity to meet up with friends old and new. Can't wait until next year!


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  2. Wow! This looks like such a great Easter! How nice that you have handmade Easter baskets, and the Easter egg hunt looks like so much fun - always my favorite part of Easter! The buffet looks delicious too :)

  3. The pictures of Easter are so beautiful I enjoyed them very much. New follower from Blog Hop Thursday. My computer wasn't working yesterday. Doylene

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  6. It looks like a good time was had by all. Beautiful spread, bags, etc. Nice meeting you! I will be back.

  7. WOW! What an Easter!!

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  9. YUM! Can I come eat next year?

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  10. Hi there! Wow! What a great Easter celebration you put together! I better not let my kids see it, or you might have more people than you planned for next year. LOL

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