Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Crafts - Little Chick to do with Your Child

This is a wonderful and simple Easter Craft and great to do with your Toddler or Preschooler.

toddler crafts Easter Chicken

What you'll need:
Polystyrene Egg
Yellow Paint
Wooden skewer
Yellow pipe cleaner
Orange pipe cleaner
Blue pipe cleaner
One bead

  • Stick the egg on a skewer and anchor it (I stuck it in more polystyrene)
toddler crafts Easter Chicken polystyrene eggs
  • Get your child to paint the egg yellow and leave it to dry (maybe over night).  Ideally the colour should be applied evenly and smoothly so that its even when it dries, but I guess you could worry about that if you are doing the craft yourself :P
toddler crafts Easter Chicken painting the eggtoddler crafts Easter Chicken painting the egg

  • Cut the pipe cleaners 
    • 2 small blue ones for eyes
    • orange for legs, beak and tail
    • red for the crest
  • Let your child stick the pipe cleaner wires into the correct locations on the egg to make a chick. Don't worry if she scratches off some of the paint while trying to put it in.  Its all part of the process.  And if it really bothers you, you could just paint the white spots again once the chick is done.
toddler crafts Easter Chicken adding the eyes

toddler crafts Easter Chicken adding the beaktoddler crafts Easter Chicken adding the legs
  • Once that's done create a hole at the top of the chicken big enough to fit your bead.
  • Your child could thread the ribbon through the bead.  Both edges need to be threaded.  Then tie a knot so that it makes a loop which can be used to hang the chick
toddler crafts Easter Chicken threaded bead
  • Put some glue in the hole and glue the knot and the bead.
  • Leave it to dry so that you can hang your new little chick.
toddler crafts Easter Chicken

    toddler crafts Easter Chicken

    And that's it, your perfectly cute Little Easter Chick.

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    1. so cute! can't wait to do this!

    2. These are so adorable--just made me smile! Creativity just oozes out of you.

      With joy,

    3. It looks so easy and fun- I am going to have to try this one.

      Thanks for the idea.



    4. So cute! What a great craft for kids - I made my list of things needed. My son will get a kick out of making it this weekend.

    5. Hi I am a new follower
      Cute idea for the chick
      Stop by any time

    6. I love the Easter craft and Congratulations on your award. I am a new follower from Freaky Friday Hop.
      Come by and visit me at and have a few laughs.

    7. So cute! Looks like Emma had fun as well. :)

    8. Very nice, I used to do these in school. Wow, it has been ages.

      Congrats on your pregnancy, and nice to meet you.
      (New follower)

    9. A.DORABLE! :) Thanks for sharing! I am following your blog now and twitter too! :)

    10. I love this idea! What a fun way to paint the egg! Great idea to anchor it!


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