Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Crafts - Decorative Eggs

Well we're almost in the middle of the Big Week!  It is Big Tuesday today and I'd like to share another fun Easter Craft you can do with your child. 

Easter crafts decorative egg

What you'll need:
Two polystyrene eggs
Red & Blue Paint
Two wooden skewers
Plastic beads
Plastic confetti

As an alternative you could also do this craft on your own and make it much more stylish with smaller beads, using just one or two bead colors & muted egg colors.  You could also posh it up a little by using ceramic eggs and acrylic paint.

  • Stick your eggs on a skewer and anchor them.
  • Get your child to paint one red and one blue.  The yellow one shown on the picture is for The Little Chick craft I posted about earlier.
  • You will need to do this a day in advance because the eggs should be completely dry for the next step.
Easter crafts decorative egg paintingEaster crafts decorative egg painting
  • Make a hole through your egg and thread the ribbon.  I used the skewer to make the hole and then I also used it to push the ribbon through.  Do that with both edges of your ribbon so that you get a loop.  Don't worry if the egg is not perfectly painted.  You will be able to cover all the imperfections with the beads.
Easter crafts decorative egg
  • Once you've threaded the egg, thread two beads one on each end including both ends of the ribbon. Tie a knot on each side.  You'll end up with an egg which you can hang.
Easter crafts decorative egg

Easter crafts decorative egg Easter crafts decorative egg

  • Pick the beads and confetti you'd like to add to your eggs.
Easter crafts decorative egg confetti
  • Place small amount of glue sporadically around the egg and let your child glue decorations of her choice.
Easter crafts decorative egg gluing beads

And there you go! A perfectly simple Easter Craft.  It makes a great gift and keepsake.  You can bring it out every year for Easter and have a great memento :)

Easter crafts decorative egg


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