Monday, March 14, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday - Green Monday

I was away on yet another business trip... This time to Dubai.  So we completely missed last week's Green Monday (beginning of lent).  It marks the beginning of the fast before Easter.  We are not very religious people, nor do we ever fast but in honor of the Green Monday our tin included no meat (some people also do not eat any dairy products but we didn't go that far...

So here it is....

Top row: Jam sandwich (homemade jam), glass of Milk, more jam sandwich (this is becoming Emma's favorite... and since its homemade and she doesn't eat any other sweets I'm pretty ok with it)
Bottom row: carrots, cheese roll ups, banana slices

Here's some detail of our pics.... the giraffe looks really sad, so Emma always takes the giraffe pic first "because its sad, and I want to make it happy".


Emma enjoyed her meal, and she is actually starting to ask for Muffin Tins any day of the week. :)

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  1. Fun! I especially love the story behind which picks she picks! :) What's the white stuff in the jam sandwich?

  2. The white stuff is butter! Don't you prepare it the same? Jam & butter? Its the only way I know how to eat it :)

  3. The bread looks wonderful. I bet is it awesome with homemade jelly.

  4. Those picks are adorable! Great lunch!

  5. Yummy! Great job! I love the picks! :)

  6. I like your sad little giraffe. Too cute!

  7. Looks yummy. We usually have jam and butter on toast, I don't usually just make it on bread. So of course the butter melts and is not white anymore. Love those picks.

  8. You make your own jam too?! Amazing!


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