Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It was a Fairy 3rd Birthday Party...

A Fairy Birthday Party.... ideas, activities, food, cakes and many many recipes still to come. 

But first, you can't go anywhere without an invitation:

Fairy Birthday Party InviteFairy Birthday Party Invite

Roll over this picture to see both invites :)

Emma's 3rd Birthday Party went without a hitch.  It really was a success.  The birthday girl had a great time, all her buddies seemed to enjoy themselves and the time flew by like it was just minutes.  Or maybe that's just me...

We invited about 15 kids with their parents and mini siblings and there were many fun activities for the kiddos:
  • Our living room became a playground for free play with all Emma's toys in every possible corner.  Emma wore her fairy outfit.
    Fairy Party Play Area
  • We rented a bouncy castle for outside play.  This, coupled with Emma's slide and other garden toys, was great to keep the kids occupied.  Although I must admit, the bouncy castle got the most attention.
Fairy Birthday Bouncy Castle
  • After all this energetic play it was time for fun kid friendly food.
  • Later Leoni from Splash o Colour came to bring blank pottery (aka bisque) and ceramic paints for kids to paint their own ceramics.  This was a huge hit and the kids were really sitting patiently and each painting their blank piece of pottery.  They will all receive their creations in a week, when Leoni has had time to glaze and bake them.  These will make great mementos from Emma's Birthday Party.
Fairy Birthday Paint your own Bisque

Paint your own pottery craft
  •  Next was cake time! 
  • At the end of the party each kid got a Disney Fairy or Princess, Toy Story or Cars bag and a lunch box filled with a Red Velvet Lolly Pop and marshmallows.
As far as the food was concerned, that really required the most work since we always have two parties, one for the grownups and one for Emma's friends.  By the end of it all I had baked 7 cakes, and offered about 10 different foods, all home made of course! I must say none of this would have been possible without my amazing mom, and my wonderful husband who both made such great sous-chefs, chopping, mixing, kneading, shopping on demand.

Here, I'll concentrate on the food for Emma's Fairy Party.  For the family party we served Chinese food a la moi and also lamb and potatoes in the oven (for all those who are not so keen on Chinese food).

The menu (I made mini food labels and placed them in each food):

Fairy Party Savory Menu

Fairy Party Sweets Menu
 The Food:

Fairy Birthday Party Food


The cakes (recipes and instructions for each will follow in separate posts):

Fairy Birthday Cake
Fairy Birthday Cake (made from Kasato dough)

Butterfly Birthday Cake
Butterfly Banana Cake - this butterfly came straight from the Fairy garden =)

Number 3 Birthday Cake
The Big Number 3 Chocolate Cake

Red Velvet Cake Pops
And the Red Velvet Cake Pops with Fairy dust & sprinkles

The climax was candle blowing of course, complete with candles on all the cakes and even sparklers that spelled out Emma's name!

Blowing Candles

Blowing Candles

Emma's always had a bit of a fear of loud group singing and cheering, but she did much better this year... last year we couldn't even sing the birthday song!

This was our Fairy 3rd Birthday party and we loved every minute of it!
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    1. holy moly! that is one lucky little girl! What a great Mom she is. Looks like an awesome party and I'm so glad it went well for her.

    2. what an awesome party! following from blog hop!

    3. Oh what a wonderful party!! How neat is that, that you can have someone bring the bisque to you for the kids to paint? I am sure they ate that up!! You can tell that you put a lot of planning into everything, and it all looked wonderful and it sure does look like everyone from the youngest to the adults had a fantastic time!! High Five gal!!

    4. HaPPY BIRTHDAY to your little girl!!looks like she had a super cool party.

    5. What a lovely bday party!!!!!!! She is so adorable...looks like a lil princess! Congrats on her 3rd bday! I am your newest follower, hope you stop by and follow back!:)

      xoxo from NYC

    6. Ok so I found your blog through a hop but must say glad I did! What an amazing party. I am thrilled to have run across a blog with recipes. I will be back when the baby is asleep to go through them :) Hope you will check out my blog as well!

    7. What a beautiful party! WOW! Will you come do my kids parties?

      Thank you for participating in the Relax and Make Friends Wednesday blog hop hosted by Rachel’s Reviews & Mom Always Finds Out. Hope to see you again next week!

    8. Emma is such a lucky girl to have such a talented mama! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. :)

    9. Oh wow...that seems like you guys have thrown awesome party for the little birthday girl. Cool...
      Day Activities for Kids

    10. Wow! My daughters 5th party is next week can you come and do it for me!! That party looks like it was awesome!!


    11. Wow, what a party. I love arranging parties but I don't think I could have done that especially being pregnant (when I was pregnant I just wanted to sleep!)

    12. Wow. That looks like a lot of work. That actually kinda depresses me cause my son's first birthday is in July. O_o Lol. Hey, new follower from Keepin' Company Thursday. Have a great day!

    13. A very Happy B'day to your little girl. Great Party. Stopping by from Fab friends bloghop now a follower

      Hope you would stop by my blog if you get time.

    14. Great looking party!
      New follower from the Thursday Blog hop :)

    15. This is my first visit to your blog, and I love it! It's really pretty! The birthday party looked like a lot of fun.

    16. Wow, it looks like everything was perfect!

    17. Wow what an awesome birthday party! Stopping by to follow and say hello from FTLOB :)

    18. This is the greatest little girl party ever! Emma must have been so THRILLED. She is absolutely gorgeous.

      New follower from the bloghop! Please stop on by. . . also doing a giveaway if you're interested in entering..

    19. That looks like an amazing party! I love your muffin tin lunches! Awesome idea. I am your newest follower. Saw your blog on the blog hop and I am enjoying your site!

    20. Happy Birthday Emma!! what a beautiful party!! I love the fairy cake, my girls LOVE that!!

      I found you on the Time4mommy blog follow

    21. Wow, the party looks like it was a hit. The food table is making me hungry! I am your newest follower, I can't wait to read more!


    22. Thanks everyone! We had a really great time :)


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