Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It was a Fairy 3rd Birthday Party...

A Fairy Birthday Party.... ideas, activities, food, cakes and many many recipes still to come. 

But first, you can't go anywhere without an invitation:

Fairy Birthday Party InviteFairy Birthday Party Invite

Roll over this picture to see both invites :)

Emma's 3rd Birthday Party went without a hitch.  It really was a success.  The birthday girl had a great time, all her buddies seemed to enjoy themselves and the time flew by like it was just minutes.  Or maybe that's just me...

We invited about 15 kids with their parents and mini siblings and there were many fun activities for the kiddos:
  • Our living room became a playground for free play with all Emma's toys in every possible corner.  Emma wore her fairy outfit.
    Fairy Party Play Area
  • We rented a bouncy castle for outside play.  This, coupled with Emma's slide and other garden toys, was great to keep the kids occupied.  Although I must admit, the bouncy castle got the most attention.
Fairy Birthday Bouncy Castle
  • After all this energetic play it was time for fun kid friendly food.
  • Later Leoni from Splash o Colour came to bring blank pottery (aka bisque) and ceramic paints for kids to paint their own ceramics.  This was a huge hit and the kids were really sitting patiently and each painting their blank piece of pottery.  They will all receive their creations in a week, when Leoni has had time to glaze and bake them.  These will make great mementos from Emma's Birthday Party.
Fairy Birthday Paint your own Bisque

Paint your own pottery craft
  •  Next was cake time! 
  • At the end of the party each kid got a Disney Fairy or Princess, Toy Story or Cars bag and a lunch box filled with a Red Velvet Lolly Pop and marshmallows.
As far as the food was concerned, that really required the most work since we always have two parties, one for the grownups and one for Emma's friends.  By the end of it all I had baked 7 cakes, and offered about 10 different foods, all home made of course! I must say none of this would have been possible without my amazing mom, and my wonderful husband who both made such great sous-chefs, chopping, mixing, kneading, shopping on demand.

Here, I'll concentrate on the food for Emma's Fairy Party.  For the family party we served Chinese food a la moi and also lamb and potatoes in the oven (for all those who are not so keen on Chinese food).

The menu (I made mini food labels and placed them in each food):

Fairy Party Savory Menu

Fairy Party Sweets Menu
 The Food:

Fairy Birthday Party Food


The cakes (recipes and instructions for each will follow in separate posts):

Fairy Birthday Cake
Fairy Birthday Cake (made from Kasato dough)

Butterfly Birthday Cake
Butterfly Banana Cake - this butterfly came straight from the Fairy garden =)

Number 3 Birthday Cake
The Big Number 3 Chocolate Cake

Red Velvet Cake Pops
And the Red Velvet Cake Pops with Fairy dust & sprinkles

The climax was candle blowing of course, complete with candles on all the cakes and even sparklers that spelled out Emma's name!

Blowing Candles

Blowing Candles

Emma's always had a bit of a fear of loud group singing and cheering, but she did much better this year... last year we couldn't even sing the birthday song!

This was our Fairy 3rd Birthday party and we loved every minute of it!
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    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    Emma Turns Three Today

    It's Emma's 3rd birthday today.  Everytime on her birthday I get really emotional thinking back on the day she was born and how every single day our love for her grows.  How we love her a million times more than we ever though we could, and in another 3 or 30 years we'll love her a million times more each year.

    As usual we had two parties, one for the family: grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles & cousins which was yesterday and another one today for Emma's friends, a Fairy Birthday Party.  We had a great time, amazing cakes and food with everything home made of course!

    I'll be posting a whole bunch of pictures and recipes soon, but I leave you with a couple of photos.

    Blowing Candles at the Family Party

    Enjoying the Jumping Castle at the Kids Party

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    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    Another Award

    Thank you so much to Christy from Change. Wash. Repeat. a cloth diapering mama's blog and Hope from Peanut Butter & Hopey for awarding me with the Stylish Blogger Award.

    I've already been lucky enough to receive this award so instead of talking about myself I'll tell you a little bit about these two wonderful blogs.

    If you've ever had a thought about cloth diapering (CD) Change. Wash. Repeat. is the blog for you.  Christy produces such informative posts about each step in the CD process. From types of nappies & stain removals to diaper pails & cloth diapering lingo.  I'm seriously thinking to give it a go with this new baby we're expecting.  She makes it look so easy!

    Hope at Peanut Butter & Hopey is another mommy blogger.  Her family of a hubby and two wonderful kiddos are the inspiration for her blog.  She shares the most delicious recipes and I'm really looking forward to trying a few.

    Thank you again to these wonderful ladies and I hope you find their blogs as interesting as I did.

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    Wednesday, March 23, 2011

    Lady Bug Spring Craft

    Spring is officially here.  Although strangely enough it doesn't feel that way here in Cyprus.  Rain and thunder storms are definitely not what we expect this time of year.

    Our first Spring time project is a Lady Bug collage.

    I've started a Spring theme with Emma. We've been working on building a Spring Wall, full with bugs & butterflies, flowers, kites and sun. 

    This is a poster that I made which says "Spring" in Serbian and Greek.  It will be placed in the middle of Emma's wall and I'm planning to fill it with lots of spring time crafts.

    What you'll need:
    Thick paper
    Red tissue paper
    Black paper or magazine cut outs
    1. Draw a lady bug with pencil on a thick piece of paper and then cut about 1cm around the shape. 
    2. Rip pieces of red tissue paper and scrunch them into little balls. I had Emma help me with this part.
    3. Cut 6 larger black circles for Lady Bug spots and 2 smaller ones for antennae.  We ran out of black paper, and we had no black tissue paper so we ended up using magazine pages with black print on them. 
    Next is the really fun part.  Have your child put glue all over the lady bug.  She'd need to be supervised for this, or if its a small child you could put the glue yourself.

      Glue the spots first.

    Then glue the red tissue to the body of the Lady Bug.

    Next come the rest of the black bits.
    And voila! You're done! Its such a simple activity and its great to do as part of our Spring Time theme.

    Oh so proud of herself!
    Emma wanted to put this on the wall immediately! We will, of course, as soon as its dry.

    Check back soon for lots of spring time crafts.

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    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Educational Preschooler Projects - Language

    Now that my almost 3 year old will be classified as a preschooler, we made a very simple craft with much greater educational benefits...

    I'm thinking more and more about Emma's trilingualism... and while she speaks all three languages fluently, I'm starting to think about how I will balance the next stage - Literacy.  With this giant hurdle in front of me I keep thinking how easy it is for the bilinguals! Just two languages.... how do you evenly balance three??

    This is discussion for a whole other post (coming soon), but one of the things I have decided is that I will be contributing to Emma's literacy in Serbian at home, and this is what this simple craft / project is all about!

    I created and laminated three pages.  One says What is the weather today?  The page is separated into 4 boxes with each box saying one of the following Sunny, Rainy, Cloudy, Windy.  

    Emma and I sat down and created a picture representing one of each, a sun, an umbrella, a cloud and wind.  So now, everyday, we talk about the day and decide what kind of day it was.  Once we agree Emma chooses one of her pictures and attaches it to the correct box.

    Yesterday was cloudy, later (strangely enough) it even rained so Emma also added an umbrella in the rain section.

    These are the rest of the icons she could use.

    The other page says What is the moon today?  Following the same principle, we go outside look at the moon and decide if its full moon, half moon, crescent moon or no moon. 

    Yesterday was full moon so Emma attached it to the correct box.  Here are the other options.

    I drew the moons and Emma colored them in.

    The third page says What day is it today? With Emma having to pick out the correct day from a choice of seven of course. Yesterday was Sunday.

    So what does she gain from this?  She gets exposed to the letters of the Serbian alphabet, she gains word recognition, she learns days of the week, weather and moons.

    She already picks out all As, Es and Ms; some Ts and Os.  It does help that these letters are the same in all the languages! Greek, Serbian and English.

    She is very excited about this project.  These along with some other educational materials are posted on a wall of her play area.  I will add more information about other things we're doing soon.

    I put the icons in a paper DVD pouch
    and its right there on the wall with the pages for easy access.

    So this is our daily educational activity.  Check back soon, I'll be adding themed activities to her repertoire.  This afternoon we'll be talking about Spring and all that comes with it.  Expect some spring (preschooler) crafts in the near future.
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    Muffin Tin Monday - Snack Time

    Another fun way to serve meals to kids.  They love the little containers and the miniature tray with little hearts is just the right size for a toddler.

    What's in the tray? Cheese sandwich, yoghurt, cucumbers & cherry tomatoes.
    Isn't this so much more fun than just flopping a sandwich on a plate with a blob of yoghurt and some veggies??  It takes no effort and it makes Emma smile.... that's why I do it! 

    Muffin Tin Monday at

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