Sunday, November 14, 2010

Activities with Kids - Jewelry Making

Emma's been home from school since Wednesday, a minor health issue, so I stayed home with her.... and we've done SO MANY THINGS!

Besides the usual, playing with ALL her toys, doing all the puzzles, going to the park, play doh, drawing, role play, we also cooked, crafted, painted, and now that I started jewelry making classes we also made jewelry.

It amazing how many things you can do with kids.  They are so adaptable, capable and willing to try so many new things...

Over the next few days I'll be posting about all the things we've done.  I'll start here with the brand new bracelet we made for Emma.

It's such a simple craft for kids. We basically went shopping for some fun beads, we got some flower beads, regular round ones of different colours and sizes, we even found some tiny colourful bells! Emma chose all of them herself, we barely managed to leave the shop.  We got an elastic band and a stopper. 

toddler crafts threading beads

toddler crafts threading beads

toddler crafts threading beads

toddler crafts threading beads

Emma beaded the bracelet, it really took us a while. I had planned to let her do all of it herself, but when I saw how much time we needed I helped from the other end.  Once it was done, I threaded the stopper, clamped it and that was it!

She is so proud of her new jewelry.... she wants to show it to everyone.

toddler crafts bracelet
The bracelet looks a bit tight in this pic, we fixed that :)


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  1. Cute! I bet she loved making her little bracelet.

  2. Following from the blog hop.

  3. Cute activity!! Thanks for joining RMF weekends- I'm following in my google reader

  4. Aww what a great Mommy you are. You're right too, they are very adapting. I was just thinking today as my daughter asked me to paint with her for the millionth time but i was just too busy and had to keep saying no, that it feels like only yesterday i was begging my dad to paint with me! It's a shame we lose most of that fun spirit as grow older.

  5. Super Adorable! She did a great job

  6. So cute! I always loved doing crafts with my mom when I was younger too! Haha, if she hadn't been so crafty then I wouldn't be either! It's great that you can share that with her :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! I'm returning the favor.



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