Monday, October 4, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Circus

Today's theme for the Muffin Tin Monday is Circus.  I don't think I succeeded to really bring the theme across, but in any case, here is our Muffin Tin.

So from left to right: carrot bear, yoghurt clown, tomato birdie, broccoli trees, bear rice, and with the carrot circles there I was going for a Ferris wheel, under the carrots is salmon.

Emma loved it, she actually didn't want to eat, but when she saw her tin she had almost everything.

Muffin Tin Mom
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  1. What a great meal! I love salmon. The clown is so cute.

  2. Yay! Even better than making a super-fancy tin is making one that the kids love to eat. :) This is very cute and a good meal, too.

  3. You totally succeeded, great tin, awesome job :)

  4. Super cute lunch!!! ... I would love to do the MTM, but my 2 boys are at school until 3.30PM. And my baby is not quite ready to eat on his own yet.

  5. I did a yogurt clown as well, but yours is much better.

  6. You definitely succeeded. I wish I had tried a little harder, instead I chickened out and went with a M theme as that was our letter. And the important thing is she ate it. Looked yummy.

  7. That is so cute and such a great idea!

    I just found your blog through a Tuesday Blog Hop! Have a great evening!

    Amanda @

  8. I never thought to use cookie cutters to help out!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm following you too (and snagging your meal ideas too LOL)


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