Sunday, September 19, 2010

Speedy Pizza

Well I've been sick, so most of the food this week has been provided by grandmas or delivery men, but I did manage to create a fun snack for Emma. 

We had some leftover buns from a burger night, so I made them into pizzas. 

I cut the buns in half, chopped a tomato with the electric chopper and then drained the excess tomato juice.  I put the tomato on the half bun, added some chopped turkey ham and placed a slice of cheese on top. 

That was pretty much all I had the energy for, but you could actually add anything to the pizza;  broccoli, sweet corn, mushrooms.  You could mix carrots and zuccini into the tomato sauce.

I put it in the oven on the air setting at 200C, only for a few minutes until the cheese melted.

It was delicious! A good friend of mine uses Greek Pitas as pizza base.  I haven't tried it but I've heard its great.  So that's also an option if you don't have leftover buns.
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